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The future of SEO is social media integration

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is totally changing direction in 2011 due to changes in trends of how people use the internet and why. This has major and far reaching impacts on the way prospective clients find your business website through a search engine and even the way you personally use the internet. Here is why:   The web is becoming social Back in the day, the internet used to be used... »

ICANN adds top level domains

Today on June 20th 2011 ICANN decided to make one of the biggest changes in the internet since its inception by approving a plan to increase the number of internet domain endings. This means at the moment there are 22 generic top level domains such as .com , .net , .org etcetera. In the future, there will be an infinite variety. ICANN are the NGO that coordinates unique identifiers across the worl... »