Google Instant Page Gives Even Faster Results

All I can say is WOW! Yes readers, Google have done it again and made a groundbreaking and innovative change to the way we search. They have created “instant pages” which means once you have searched and the list of 10 results shows up on the search page using Google’s browser Chrome, there is 0 seconds load time for the website when you click on the result. That’s right – “Instant Pages” means th... »

Launch of Google +1 Button

It is an exciting day today for webmasters and SEO experts all over the world…….. Google have launched their “+1 button” today!   The +1 button is Google’s way of making a social community of recommended pages for your contacts and friends when either searching on Google’s SERP or when on a page. By clicking on the ‘plus one button’ when on a page, it will then affect the placement of that pa... »

SEO effects of the Google +1 button

Today on May 4th 2011 Google has announced it will start to roll out its new “Google +1” feature. This feature is very similar to the facebook ‘like’ button or the other buttons for social media networks like ‘stumbleupon’, ‘digg’, reddit’ etc. Where will the +1 button be located? In the next few weeks you will see the +1 button come up next to both organic Google search results and paid Google se... »

Google New Panda Algorithm Change – SEO Affect

Google made an update to their algorithm late February 2011 that has greatly affected many sites and caused a decrease in traffic. The update was called the “Panda” update (aka the “Farmer” update). Google normally does major updates to their algorithm once every 1-2 years. The Panda update is a major update. This is all in an effort for Google to produce the best search results and foil black hat... »

SEO for mobile websites

When building a mobile website it is important to adhere to certain SEO techniques that are slightly different to those search engine optimization techniques for your main website. Firstly what to do with your domain? There are a few options; here are the best options in descending order in terms of SEO for the site : – adds additional traffic to your s... »

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