search engine optimization

Using Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising

So you want to advertise on search engines to gain more revenue on your website? Find out how:   You have a website and you are doing all the search engine optimization (SEO) you can possibly do. You are doing everything correctly and your pages are slowly rising on the search engine results page (SERP) towards those all-important top 3 positions, but in the meantime, you want traffic to your... »

SEO for mobile websites

When building a mobile website it is important to adhere to certain SEO techniques that are slightly different to those search engine optimization techniques for your main website. Firstly what to do with your domain? There are a few options; here are the best options in descending order in terms of SEO for the site : – adds additional traffic to your s... »

Internal Links are Good for Google

It is highly recommended to use 'internal linking' since it is an easy and effective onpage search engine optimization technique so as to increase traffic to certain important pages in your site and also for those pages to rank higher organically and get more organic direct traffic of their own for your selected keywords. »