Inbound Links


Are Links Still Important for SEO?

Many people ask me the same old question: Are links still important for SEO?   Well don’t hear the answer from me, hear Matt Cutts, chief web spam fighting engineer and Google employee explain it for me. See the 2 videos below. In short, links are still a vital component that indicate and influence your sites rankings on Google for specific keywords. Even after all the algorithm updates in t... »


Still paying for links?

There has been an ongoing discussion in the SEO industry for years if paying for links is effective/strategic/acceptable. Lets battle it out here and see what each opinion says and then find a definitive path through the minefield of inbound links to your website. Using a case study along the way and reviewing different options, it will become clear where the industry is headed, but it doesn’t mea... »


Top 10 Google friendly guest blog posting tips

After Matt Cutts angry rant about guest blogging yesterday (January 20th 2014) that sent shock-waves through the industry, the question that all SEO’s, online marketers, inbound marketers and webmasters must ask themselves is ’How do I perform Google friendly guest blog posting?’.   Here are my top 10 tips to ensure your blog posts are “Google friendly”: Only write and publish quality guest p... »

Inbound Links

There is one factor that will get your website at the top of the search results on Google…… and that’s inbound links (aka ‘inlinks’). What are inbound links? An inbound link is any website that links to your website. What are the best inbound links? Anchored text hyperlinks Coming from a website that has a high PageRank (PR 3 and above) That is related to your industry/business. All those three fa... »