Google’s next algorithm update Penguin 2.0

Every year or so, Google does a major algorithm change. Generally speaking they do not warn anyone about this. Google engineers sit and plan the algorithm change with the Google Management Team – most notably Matt Cutts who is the head of search quality. Then they do a lot of testing in the Google sandbox to see how search results are affected by the change and if the algorithm does in-fact ‘penal... »

ICANN adds top level domains

Today on June 20th 2011 ICANN decided to make one of the biggest changes in the internet since its inception by approving a plan to increase the number of internet domain endings. This means at the moment there are 22 generic top level domains such as .com , .net , .org etcetera. In the future, there will be an infinite variety. ICANN are the NGO that coordinates unique identifiers across the worl... »