How to utilize Facebook for your business

Every business has accepted that they need some kind of social media strategy on the internet but the question is how should you utilize facebook for your business and what are the benefits of this time investment?   Facebook’s main differentiating factor as opposed to the next largest and up and coming social network: Google+ (now that they launched “Video Calling”) is that it has a way for ... »

The future of SEO is social media integration

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is totally changing direction in 2011 due to changes in trends of how people use the internet and why. This has major and far reaching impacts on the way prospective clients find your business website through a search engine and even the way you personally use the internet. Here is why:   The web is becoming social Back in the day, the internet used to be used... »

Google+ New Social Network Launch

Google has announced that it is coming out with its social network called “Google+” starting in July 2011. The social network will only be available to a very few select Google users, but just as Gmail was rolled out by invite only at the beginning (making it feel exclusive), so too will Google+. For those who instantly want a Google+ account you can request one here: sign up for Google+   As... »