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Paul Vesely is the author of this SEO blog. Paul is currently the CEO and Head Digital Marketing Consultant of SEO Web Live and the CMO of an enterprising online peer to peer lending platform Peerform.


Paul has successfully lead online campaigns for clients located in the US, Australia, Israel, China and India that generate more targeted web traffic to their websites so as to increase sales, subscriptions, memberships and advertising revenue. Through testing and trying different onpage and offpage SEO techniques Paul has quantifiably generated more business for these websites.
Paul has a real passion for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and any internet based technology and business with proven results in website traffic and online revenue generation for a variety of highly satisfied clients and businesses.


Paul has performed keyword research, online competitor research, built websites for the internet and mobile phones, lead developments of apps and created online marketing plans for a variety of clients since 2004.


With a great deal of passion and knowledge in the latest developments and trends online, Paul has a proven success in positively affecting business’s bottom line profits.


Paul also has alot of experience working closely with web developers to design, structure and build websites, microsites, iPhone apps, mobile sites and traditional landing pages that offer functionality, design and accomplish the businesses online goals. This coupled with off page optimization such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, blogging and in-linking has allowed Paul to remain at the top of his field and offer businesses solutions that intimately suit client requirements in a competitive online environment.


For more information about Paul Vesely’s professional and education history, please click here: SEO Expert . Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or wish to contact the author of this blog.

  • Abby F

    I worked with Paul for over a year. Paul was in charge of SEO for one of the most competitive industries in the US & Canada. Learning & knowing that market, initiating strategic plans as well as site building & maintaining, competitor analysis, blogging & social media marketing plan required to be executed in no time. Working under pressure while maintaining the highest level of professionalism combined with a great motivation led Paul to a tremendous success in his field.

  • Nico Slob

    Paul and I have consulted each other several times in the past two years regarding online marketing projects. I have always admire his passion for the online marketing industry. He is the ultimate SEO expert! Paul has an in-depth understanding of social media & online marketing, he really understands how to levera YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other tools to get his customers messages out and make the best out of SEO, PPC, etc.

    Paul is creative, hard-working and focused, he is always up-to-date with the industry’s latest information. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul for all his expert advice, good ideas and recommendations. They have certainly been really helpful for my company. Paul is an asset to any team, and a great person to know! Wish him all the best for the future

  • Yam Regev

    As a company co founder, i remember we looked for someone to come & build a SEO department for the businesses we are representing in the States & Canada. I was the CEO of Compass Internet Solutions & along with the company’s owner we interviewed couple of guys (more than 15, in fact). Luckily enough, Paul was the last one we interviewed, And by far he stood-out much more than anyone else.
    By the end of the interview it was clear for all of us & we offered him the position!!

    Paul, as a really hard worker, started laying the foundation for a great SEO department. In fact, i can divide the time of all our SEO affairs before Paul joined us & after he joined us.

    Clearly, the impact of a creative thinker, hard worker & a great learner was well felt in Compass, after all, our 7 clients are participating in couple of the most competitive industries & markets in the US & Canada.

    Paul & the team he managed rebuilt all our 30 websites, redesigned them, “reSEO” them & in a matter of couple of months we were at the 1st SERPs for all our main key words.

    No doubt that Paul is one of the best SEO strategist I’ve ever worked with. His SEO, Social optimization, Mobile, Local SEO & SEM knowledge are a huge bonanza for anyone who’ll have his services.
    I tried that, i know that!

    Yam Regev

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