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LinkedIn publishing platform

How to become a publisher on LinkedIn

LinkedIn have been offering very interesting and cool blogs published on their very own platform since mid 2012. The rollout of this new publishing/blogging platform on LinkedIn was also really well planned and implemented in my opinion. They got a bunch of influencers such as Richard Branson, Obama, Bill Gates etc (see all the amazing people you can follow on LinkedIn here) in every industry you ... »

Google plus customized URLs

Google have finally allowed Google+ users to create their own customized URL (aka vanity URL) on their profile. Get one now! There are a few basic requirements as stated by Google: Must have a profile pic Have a minimum of 10 followers Be at least 1  month old Check out my customized URL as an example: This move was well overdue as Facebook have been giving their member... »

Social Media Networking

Social networking for your business

With Facebook stating it has over 900 million monthly activate users, most companies simply open up a Facebook page about their business and hope for the best. But is this really utilizing the power of social media for your business?   Reports today (July 18th 2012) by a Capstone report that says that Facebook is stagnating in growth. The Capstone report claims that in the last 6 months, Face... »

How to SEO your business using Google+

Like it or not Google+ is here to stay. The latest visitor numbers released by Google and facebook show that Google+ gets 21% of the monthly unique visitors compared to facebook. So why should you bother spending your employee’s time cultivating an SEO friendly Google+ company page or creating circles and posts if the eyes of your current and potential customers/clients are still on facebook? &nbs... »

Features of Google+ page compared to Facebook page

Google is moving fast to adapt its Google+ social network into something that is able to be utilized commercially as are Facebook pages. Last week the Google+ team presented the ability for businesses to now make a page on Google+. Most early adaptors have already created their business page. Looking at examples like Zappos, it seems the basic layout, images and information available are the same ... »

How to utilize Facebook for your business

Every business has accepted that they need some kind of social media strategy on the internet but the question is how should you utilize facebook for your business and what are the benefits of this time investment?   Facebook’s main differentiating factor as opposed to the next largest and up and coming social network: Google+ (now that they launched “Video Calling”) is that it has a way for ... »

The future of SEO is social media integration

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is totally changing direction in 2011 due to changes in trends of how people use the internet and why. This has major and far reaching impacts on the way prospective clients find your business website through a search engine and even the way you personally use the internet. Here is why:   The web is becoming social Back in the day, the internet used to be used... »

Google+ New Social Network Launch

Google has announced that it is coming out with its social network called “Google+” starting in July 2011. The social network will only be available to a very few select Google users, but just as Gmail was rolled out by invite only at the beginning (making it feel exclusive), so too will Google+. For those who instantly want a Google+ account you can request one here: sign up for Google+   As... »

Launch of Google +1 Button

It is an exciting day today for webmasters and SEO experts all over the world…….. Google have launched their “+1 button” today!   The +1 button is Google’s way of making a social community of recommended pages for your contacts and friends when either searching on Google’s SERP or when on a page. By clicking on the ‘plus one button’ when on a page, it will then affect the placement of that pa... »