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Browser Wars – Internet Explorer advertisement

Whats the best way to get a message out to tech geeks, computer freaks, hacks, developers, online junkies and anyone who thinks they know anything about technology?   MAKE A VIRAL VIDEO   And that’s exactly what Internet Explorer (IE) have done. On 29th November 2012 IE released a video which has already (as of today 2nd December 2012) had 1.5 million hits on youtube. It’s ai... »

Launch of Google +1 Button

It is an exciting day today for webmasters and SEO experts all over the world…….. Google have launched their “+1 button” today!   The +1 button is Google’s way of making a social community of recommended pages for your contacts and friends when either searching on Google’s SERP or when on a page. By clicking on the ‘plus one button’ when on a page, it will then affect the placement of that pa... »