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Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics is an incredible product that is both free and just keeps getting better. Every webmaster should have an account and also learn how to utilize it to its fullest capability. Google have also invested in creating some very humorous viral videos that allow us to understand real world reasons of why we need to use Google Analytics to understand what visitors do on our websites so that... »

Penguin 2.0 Launched Live

As warned previously by Matt Cutts, Google has today launched a new update of their algorithm called Penguin 2.0 internally or Panda 4 by SEO’er in the industry since its the fourth change to the Penguin algorithm. You can read about what Matt Cutts says on his official blog about the roll out of the algorithm change. It seems to have been completed for the whole world today and not just cer... »

Google’s next algorithm update Penguin 2.0

Every year or so, Google does a major algorithm change. Generally speaking they do not warn anyone about this. Google engineers sit and plan the algorithm change with the Google Management Team – most notably Matt Cutts who is the head of search quality. Then they do a lot of testing in the Google sandbox to see how search results are affected by the change and if the algorithm does in-fact ‘penal... »

Link Spam and Your Website Results

Recently Matt Cuttsreleased on the Google Webmaster Tools blog a warning that coincided with an upgrade to Google’s current algorithm regarding how they reduce the trust rank of websites with long histories of patterns that look like link spam.   Firstly you need to understand the Google Penguin update is an update in which Google is trying to increase the quality of their search result... »

Stay on top of Google results

A few weeks ago, at the end of April 2012, Google released its new algorithm change called “Penguin”. Find out how to ensure your website will not be penalized by Google with this new penguin update and what to do, if you have already been penalized. These tips will help your website stay on top of the Google results page.   When Google makes a search algorithm update, every single webm... »

What are the major 2011 search trends?

To understand how to better adapt your website, your business, and your personal internet usage you can simply learn from Google’s new “How the world searched in 2011”. This well-built interactive website allows you an insight into the way the world used the most popular English search engine out there and you will be able to see the 10 most popular searches for 2011 on Google. Once you understand... »

New Google Analytics Features

When Google makes major changes to one of its products, it usually revolutionizes the industry the product is related to. Take for example what the android platform did for mobile phones or what streetview did for Google maps. Everyone that uses the Google product holds their breath to see how the change will affect them and if it will make life better or worse. Face it, Google touches all of our ... »

Has Google has blacklisted your website due to spam?

Many people ask me about the ‘hidden world of Google’. A lot of SEO experts like myself have a clear understanding of what goes on behind the closed doors of this highly secretive and successful company because it is our field to track every change and update that Google produces.   To gain an insight into how Google is attempting to become more transparent, we can look at the process of blac... »

Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tools Combine

It has been a long time coming but the 2nd and 3rd largest search engines are merging their operations and services more and more. Very soon I predict that Yahoo will simply morph into Bing and Yahoo will be no more. Only time will tell but there are many factors leading me to believe this. Funny enough the most recent stats from ComScore May 2011 for the US search engine usage market shows that Y... »

Too funny for words – You gotta watch

If a picture is a thousand words, then a video is over a million. This video is hilarious!   Watch this latest video by Google about the speed of their web browser: Chrome     What does this have to do with SEO? So apart from being a hilarious promotional video, there is something webmaster’s and SEO experts do need to take away from this. It is the simple lesson that Google b... »

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