Google Analytics

Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics is an incredible product that is both free and just keeps getting better. Every webmaster should have an account and also learn how to utilize it to its fullest capability. Google have also invested in creating some very humorous viral videos that allow us to understand real world reasons of why we need to use Google Analytics to understand what visitors do on our websites so that... »

Stay on top of Google results

A few weeks ago, at the end of April 2012, Google released its new algorithm change called “Penguin”. Find out how to ensure your website will not be penalized by Google with this new penguin update and what to do, if you have already been penalized. These tips will help your website stay on top of the Google results page.   When Google makes a search algorithm update, every single webm... »

How to make more money out of your website

You may have great SEO results and also good PPC campaigns sending lots of visitors to your website. Your website could be ranking highly for main keywords in search engines and you could be getting a lot of potential new clients and traffic to your website via paid campaigns as well, but it is all for nil unless you know how to optimize your main conversion pages so the highest possible percentag... »

New Google Analytics Features

When Google makes major changes to one of its products, it usually revolutionizes the industry the product is related to. Take for example what the android platform did for mobile phones or what streetview did for Google maps. Everyone that uses the Google product holds their breath to see how the change will affect them and if it will make life better or worse. Face it, Google touches all of our ... »

Video SEO – First Page Video Rankings

How do you optimize your video content so it reaches the first page of search engines?   There are many SEO tricks that are white hat to get your webpage and video on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).     Have keyword optimized meta title tags and other meta tags for the page Have the video transcribed so the words are on the page below the video Submit a video s... »

Too funny for words – You gotta watch

If a picture is a thousand words, then a video is over a million. This video is hilarious!   Watch this latest video by Google about the speed of their web browser: Chrome     What does this have to do with SEO? So apart from being a hilarious promotional video, there is something webmaster’s and SEO experts do need to take away from this. It is the simple lesson that Google b... »

Google New Panda Algorithm Change – SEO Affect

Google made an update to their algorithm late February 2011 that has greatly affected many sites and caused a decrease in traffic. The update was called the “Panda” update (aka the “Farmer” update). Google normally does major updates to their algorithm once every 1-2 years. The Panda update is a major update. This is all in an effort for Google to produce the best search results and foil black hat... »

“Google Instant” Impact

The main question – Is it bad for SEO? Yes and No. What Google instant has caused is the need for webmasters and SEO Managers to focus less on long tail keywords and more on main (highly competitive keywords). This increases the fight or competition for certain one or two word keywords. Hence it is good if you are a dominator of a main keyword because you will get even more traffic, and bad for th... »

Track Website Results

A lot of your SEO work can go to waste if you don’t track website results clearly and accurately. It is most important to track things like entrance sources to your website, keyword entries (to relate back to your targeted keywords), entrance countries, goal conversions etc. The strongest and most widely tool out there is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool and is easily installed. O... »