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Delete Google autocomplete negative results

Delete Google autocomplete negative results

Google have had the autocomplete function working officially since 2008 but only in the past year has it gained traction and been released for the wider audience to use. There are many businesses and individuals that are affected by negative autocomplete results that wrongly associate their personal name or business name with negative connotations or keywords. The question I’d like to pose is – ho... »

Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics is an incredible product that is both free and just keeps getting better. Every webmaster should have an account and also learn how to utilize it to its fullest capability. Google have also invested in creating some very humorous viral videos that allow us to understand real world reasons of why we need to use Google Analytics to understand what visitors do on our websites so that... »

Penguin 2.0 Launched Live

As warned previously by Matt Cutts, Google has today launched a new update of their algorithm called Penguin 2.0 internally or Panda 4 by SEO’er in the industry since its the fourth change to the Penguin algorithm. You can read about what Matt Cutts says on his official blog about the roll out of the algorithm change. It seems to have been completed for the whole world today and not just cer... »

Google’s next algorithm update Penguin 2.0

Every year or so, Google does a major algorithm change. Generally speaking they do not warn anyone about this. Google engineers sit and plan the algorithm change with the Google Management Team – most notably Matt Cutts who is the head of search quality. Then they do a lot of testing in the Google sandbox to see how search results are affected by the change and if the algorithm does in-fact ‘penal... »

Browser Wars – Internet Explorer advertisement

Whats the best way to get a message out to tech geeks, computer freaks, hacks, developers, online junkies and anyone who thinks they know anything about technology?   MAKE A VIRAL VIDEO   And that’s exactly what Internet Explorer (IE) have done. On 29th November 2012 IE released a video which has already (as of today 2nd December 2012) had 1.5 million hits on youtube. It’s ai... »

Getting maximum clicks and traffic to your blogs

Many of you have blogs or update a news section of a website and want some SEO tips of how to optimize your blog post or article and increase the number of people clicking through to it.   One technique I would like to focus on is an on-page optimization technique using special code on the page to encourage search engines to rank your blog post or article higher on their results page (SERP). ... »

How to delete inlinks to your website

                    Google recently introduced a tool allowing webmasters to essentially delete from their records or disavow inlinks to your website. In an ever increasingly competitive online world where websites viciously fight for top positions on Google (the major search engine used in the US and in many other countries), why would this tool b... »

Google Drive cloud storage in business

With the much promoted arrival of Google Drive – which is Google’s attempt to enter the cloud computing/information storage and sharing market, many will be asking how does Google Drive’s cloud storage system allow me to better my business practices and make more money?   Google Drive allows you, your employees, your clients and your business to utilize its cloud storage product to enhance th... »

Link Spam and Your Website Results

Recently Matt Cuttsreleased on the Google Webmaster Tools blog a warning that coincided with an upgrade to Google’s current algorithm regarding how they reduce the trust rank of websites with long histories of patterns that look like link spam.   Firstly you need to understand the Google Penguin update is an update in which Google is trying to increase the quality of their search result... »

Social Media Networking

Social networking for your business

With Facebook stating it has over 900 million monthly activate users, most companies simply open up a Facebook page about their business and hope for the best. But is this really utilizing the power of social media for your business?   Reports today (July 18th 2012) by a Capstone report that says that Facebook is stagnating in growth. The Capstone report claims that in the last 6 months, Face... »

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