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Delete Google autocomplete negative results

Delete Google autocomplete negative results

Google have had the autocomplete function working officially since 2008 but only in the past year has it gained traction and been released for the wider audience to use. There are many businesses and individuals that are affected by negative autocomplete results that wrongly associate their personal name or business name with negative connotations or keywords. The question I’d like to pose is – ho... »


Internet trends that will affect your business online

To keep your business’s online marketing efforts one step ahead of the highly dynamic search environment, it always pays to look at current trends and theorize where these trends will take us. By strategically analyzing the way the internet is being shaped we can prepare for these predicated changes ahead of time and maximize any benefit that can be gleaned from these insights. This can also help ... »


Hummingbird new algorithm change by Google

Today Google officially confirmed the news that they had released within the past month of September 2013 a new algorithm to power their search results called Hummingbird. Why is it called ‘Hummingbird’ – Amit Singhal who is a senior VP and software engineer at Google says because it is accurate and fast. Those two buzz words are the focus of all of Google’s recent updates to the algorithm s... »

Google Drive cloud storage in business

With the much promoted arrival of Google Drive – which is Google’s attempt to enter the cloud computing/information storage and sharing market, many will be asking how does Google Drive’s cloud storage system allow me to better my business practices and make more money?   Google Drive allows you, your employees, your clients and your business to utilize its cloud storage product to enhance th... »

How to make advertising website revenue

There are many options to generate revenue from your website such as: E-commerce (i.e. selling a product or service on your website) Receive donations via your website Affiliate marketing – selling other people’s products or services via your website Advertising   I am going to exclusively deal with the best strategies for you to generate cash via your website using advertising in this post. ... »