SEO Basics


Optimizing URLs and Domains

Short domain names are better than longer ones if the website is intended for people typing in the website address. For example a company called ‘Acme Industrial Textiles and Chemicals’ should not have a url , I suggest they use an acronym such as . If the domain is for a business that mainly wants to be found through searches organically... »

Internal Links are Good for Google

It is highly recommended to use 'internal linking' since it is an easy and effective onpage search engine optimization technique so as to increase traffic to certain important pages in your site and also for those pages to rank higher organically and get more organic direct traffic of their own for your selected keywords. »

Meta Title Tags

I can not suggest strongly enough that the majority of your time optimizing a page is spent deciding and testing different meta title tags. Meta title tags are found in different places in different browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome display them in different places), but in search engines themselves they are extremely important. A meta title tag can be the difference between a ... »

Why Invest In SEO

This blog was set up to allow me a voice in the online world. I have been working in the SEO industry in English speaking countries for many years and I wanted to create a blog that illuminated many SEO techniques to other SEO enthusiasts in the industry. This blog is targeted to novices all the way through to experts with years of experience in the industry and I aim to have bits of golden inform... »