PPC AdWords

How to make advertising website revenue

There are many options to generate revenue from your website such as: E-commerce (i.e. selling a product or service on your website) Receive donations via your website Affiliate marketing – selling other people’s products or services via your website Advertising   I am going to exclusively deal with the best strategies for you to generate cash via your website using advertising in this post. ... »

New Google Analytics Features

When Google makes major changes to one of its products, it usually revolutionizes the industry the product is related to. Take for example what the android platform did for mobile phones or what streetview did for Google maps. Everyone that uses the Google product holds their breath to see how the change will affect them and if it will make life better or worse. Face it, Google touches all of our ... »

Using Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising

So you want to advertise on search engines to gain more revenue on your website? Find out how:   You have a website and you are doing all the search engine optimization (SEO) you can possibly do. You are doing everything correctly and your pages are slowly rising on the search engine results page (SERP) towards those all-important top 3 positions, but in the meantime, you want traffic to your... »

Google AdWords also getting +1 Button

Google have continued there roll out of the +1 button. It will now be available to +1 Google ads as seen in the picture here. This roll out will occur in the coming weeks starting at the very beginning of July 2011. Now Google users can click to recommend which ads on Google they found helpful. For all those who understand PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) you will know that the +1 Google button wil... »