New Google Structured Data Markup Helper Tool

The moral of this story When Google wants you to do something, they will request it, blog about it, make video’s about it. But eventually – they will even make a user friendly tool to allow you to do something technical – very simply and hence compel you to do it. Lastly they will change their algorithm to benefit those who do what they say and to punish those who do not adhere.   This is exa... »

Penguin 2.0 Launched Live

As warned previously by Matt Cutts, Google has today launched a new update of their algorithm called Penguin 2.0 internally or Panda 4 by SEO’er in the industry since its the fourth change to the Penguin algorithm. You can read about what Matt Cutts says on his official blog about the roll out of the algorithm change. It seems to have been completed for the whole world today and not just cer... »

Google’s next algorithm update Penguin 2.0

Every year or so, Google does a major algorithm change. Generally speaking they do not warn anyone about this. Google engineers sit and plan the algorithm change with the Google Management Team – most notably Matt Cutts who is the head of search quality. Then they do a lot of testing in the Google sandbox to see how search results are affected by the change and if the algorithm does in-fact ‘penal... »

Getting maximum clicks and traffic to your blogs

Many of you have blogs or update a news section of a website and want some SEO tips of how to optimize your blog post or article and increase the number of people clicking through to it.   One technique I would like to focus on is an on-page optimization technique using special code on the page to encourage search engines to rank your blog post or article higher on their results page (SERP). ... »

How to make advertising website revenue

There are many options to generate revenue from your website such as: E-commerce (i.e. selling a product or service on your website) Receive donations via your website Affiliate marketing – selling other people’s products or services via your website Advertising   I am going to exclusively deal with the best strategies for you to generate cash via your website using advertising in this post. ... »

Stay on top of Google results

A few weeks ago, at the end of April 2012, Google released its new algorithm change called “Penguin”. Find out how to ensure your website will not be penalized by Google with this new penguin update and what to do, if you have already been penalized. These tips will help your website stay on top of the Google results page.   When Google makes a search algorithm update, every single webm... »

Difference between a Mobile App and a Mobile Website?

Many people are confused and are looking for clarity regarding what is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website.   An app is short for ‘application’ and it works very similarly to user-installed software on a computer. An app allows the phone to perform specific tasks. Users may have to purchase an app for a small or it can be freely downloaded through the phones ‘app store’ b... »

How to make more money out of your website

You may have great SEO results and also good PPC campaigns sending lots of visitors to your website. Your website could be ranking highly for main keywords in search engines and you could be getting a lot of potential new clients and traffic to your website via paid campaigns as well, but it is all for nil unless you know how to optimize your main conversion pages so the highest possible percentag... »

What are the major 2011 search trends?

To understand how to better adapt your website, your business, and your personal internet usage you can simply learn from Google’s new “How the world searched in 2011”. This well-built interactive website allows you an insight into the way the world used the most popular English search engine out there and you will be able to see the 10 most popular searches for 2011 on Google. Once you understand... »

Video SEO – First Page Video Rankings

How do you optimize your video content so it reaches the first page of search engines?   There are many SEO tricks that are white hat to get your webpage and video on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).     Have keyword optimized meta title tags and other meta tags for the page Have the video transcribed so the words are on the page below the video Submit a video s... »

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