Offpage Optimization

Internal Links are Good for Google

It is highly recommended to use 'internal linking' since it is an easy and effective onpage search engine optimization technique so as to increase traffic to certain important pages in your site and also for those pages to rank higher organically and get more organic direct traffic of their own for your selected keywords. »

Digg new look and new features

Firstly Digg is a great social bookmarking site that can give you a lot of low quality anchored text hyperlinks to your website and can also generate a lot of traffic if used correctly. The trick to utilize Digg for search engine optimization is to know that it is not worth a massive time invest, but it is worth making a few quick low quality links every week back to your site/blog which must have... »

Track Website Results

A lot of your SEO work can go to waste if you don’t track website results clearly and accurately. It is most important to track things like entrance sources to your website, keyword entries (to relate back to your targeted keywords), entrance countries, goal conversions etc. The strongest and most widely tool out there is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool and is easily installed. O... »

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