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Are Links Still Important for SEO?

Many people ask me the same old question: Are links still important for SEO?   Well don’t hear the answer from me, hear Matt Cutts, chief web spam fighting engineer and Google employee explain it for me. See the 2 videos below. In short, links are still a vital component that indicate and influence your sites rankings on Google for specific keywords. Even after all the algorithm updates in t... »


Still paying for links?

There has been an ongoing discussion in the SEO industry for years if paying for links is effective/strategic/acceptable. Lets battle it out here and see what each opinion says and then find a definitive path through the minefield of inbound links to your website. Using a case study along the way and reviewing different options, it will become clear where the industry is headed, but it doesn’t mea... »


Top 10 Google friendly guest blog posting tips

After Matt Cutts angry rant about guest blogging yesterday (January 20th 2014) that sent shock-waves through the industry, the question that all SEO’s, online marketers, inbound marketers and webmasters must ask themselves is ’How do I perform Google friendly guest blog posting?’.   Here are my top 10 tips to ensure your blog posts are “Google friendly”: Only write and publish quality guest p... »

Finding a blog to upload a guest post

Your time is precious but finding the right places to guest blog is an invaluable skill. Here are my short suggestions in how to find the best place to guest blog.   Steps for finding a place to guest blog:   1)      First search for a blog that suits your website’s industry. You can search for only ‘blogs’ on the Google advanced search or Do a normal search using industry keywords toget... »

Is guest blogging good for SEO?

Matt Cutts, who heads the web spam team at Google, has recently made it clear that guest blogging is good for SEO if done in the right way.   In a world where Google’s algorithms ruthlessly penalize sites that have a spamy looking backlink structure, every SEO out there has to be asking themselves: how do I get quality backlinks from authority sites with high PageRank? The old methods of buyi... »


Does a DMOZ listing help SEO?

There is always a lot of talk about if a DMOZ listing helps your website rank and its SEO value. Google definitely uses the directory DMOZ to help it index new sites that may not already be listed in its results. The question is: Is there any link juice generated? Does a link from DMOZ ensure higher rankings?   One thing is for sure – DMOZ is a strictly guarded directory and Google give... »

How to delete inlinks to your website

                    Google recently introduced a tool allowing webmasters to essentially delete from their records or disavow inlinks to your website. In an ever increasingly competitive online world where websites viciously fight for top positions on Google (the major search engine used in the US and in many other countries), why would this tool b... »

How to utilize Facebook for your business

Every business has accepted that they need some kind of social media strategy on the internet but the question is how should you utilize facebook for your business and what are the benefits of this time investment?   Facebook’s main differentiating factor as opposed to the next largest and up and coming social network: Google+ (now that they launched “Video Calling”) is that it has a way for ... »

Inbound Links

There is one factor that will get your website at the top of the search results on Google…… and that’s inbound links (aka ‘inlinks’). What are inbound links? An inbound link is any website that links to your website. What are the best inbound links? Anchored text hyperlinks Coming from a website that has a high PageRank (PR 3 and above) That is related to your industry/business. All those three fa... »

Internal Links are Good for Google

It is highly recommended to use 'internal linking' since it is an easy and effective onpage search engine optimization technique so as to increase traffic to certain important pages in your site and also for those pages to rank higher organically and get more organic direct traffic of their own for your selected keywords. »

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