Does a DMOZ listing help SEO?

There is always a lot of talk about if a DMOZ listing helps your website rank and its SEO value. Google definitely uses the directory DMOZ to help it index new sites that may not already be listed in its results. The question is: Is there any link juice generated? Does a link from DMOZ ensure higher rankings?   One thing is for sure – DMOZ is a strictly guarded directory and Google give... »

How to make advertising website revenue

There are many options to generate revenue from your website such as: E-commerce (i.e. selling a product or service on your website) Receive donations via your website Affiliate marketing – selling other people’s products or services via your website Advertising   I am going to exclusively deal with the best strategies for you to generate cash via your website using advertising in this post. ... »

Difference between a Mobile App and a Mobile Website?

Many people are confused and are looking for clarity regarding what is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website.   An app is short for ‘application’ and it works very similarly to user-installed software on a computer. An app allows the phone to perform specific tasks. Users may have to purchase an app for a small or it can be freely downloaded through the phones ‘app store’ b... »

ICANN adds top level domains

Today on June 20th 2011 ICANN decided to make one of the biggest changes in the internet since its inception by approving a plan to increase the number of internet domain endings. This means at the moment there are 22 generic top level domains such as .com , .net , .org etcetera. In the future, there will be an infinite variety. ICANN are the NGO that coordinates unique identifiers across the worl... »

Google Instant Page Gives Even Faster Results

All I can say is WOW! Yes readers, Google have done it again and made a groundbreaking and innovative change to the way we search. They have created “instant pages” which means once you have searched and the list of 10 results shows up on the search page using Google’s browser Chrome, there is 0 seconds load time for the website when you click on the result. That’s right – “Instant Pages” means th... »

SEO for mobile websites

When building a mobile website it is important to adhere to certain SEO techniques that are slightly different to those search engine optimization techniques for your main website. Firstly what to do with your domain? There are a few options; here are the best options in descending order in terms of SEO for the site : – adds additional traffic to your s... »


Optimizing URLs and Domains

Short domain names are better than longer ones if the website is intended for people typing in the website address. For example a company called ‘Acme Industrial Textiles and Chemicals’ should not have a url , I suggest they use an acronym such as . If the domain is for a business that mainly wants to be found through searches organically... »