Delete Google autocomplete negative results

Delete Google autocomplete negative results

Google have had the autocomplete function working officially since 2008 but only in the past year has it gained traction and been released for the wider audience to use. There are many businesses and individuals that are affected by negative autocomplete results that wrongly associate their personal name or business name with negative connotations or keywords. The question I’d like to pose is – ho... Read more


Deep analysis of Panda 4.0 and how not to get penalized

On the 19th May 2014 Matt Cutts officially confirmed what everyone in the online marketing industry was talking about – that Google had released a major algorithm change. Using forum chatter as a barometer, it was clear that this was a big change due to the amount of noise online and the number of posts about traffic changes, rankings increasing/decreasing and general traffic fluctuations to sites... Read more


Ten things you need to know about the EU’s decision on the ‘right to be forgotten’ on Google

On Friday 30th May 2014 Google launched its webpage allowing European citizens to apply for specific results to be taken out of Google’s index. This shocking development to the case that stood before the EU court for many years called the ‘right to be forgotten’ has now entered its phase of implementation. If you want to fill out the simple and short online form for the search removal request unde... Read more


The death of the online reputation industry?

A dramatic ruling was handed down by the European Union court a few days ago (on May 13th 2014) against Google. It was a ruling on the case called the ‘right to be forgotten’. The ruling was that Google MUST amend its search if anyone requests it, if there are results that show up that are either ‘outdated’ or ‘irrelevant’. Some have interpreted this ruling as the death of the online reputation ma... Read more

LinkedIn publishing platform

How to become a publisher on LinkedIn

LinkedIn have been offering very interesting and cool blogs published on their very own platform since mid 2012. The rollout of this new publishing/blogging platform on LinkedIn was also really well planned and implemented in my opinion. They got a bunch of influencers such as Richard Branson, Obama, Bill Gates etc (see all the amazing people you can follow on LinkedIn here) in every industry you ... Read more


Are Links Still Important for SEO?

Many people ask me the same old question: Are links still important for SEO?   Well don’t hear the answer from me, hear Matt Cutts, chief web spam fighting engineer and Google employee explain it for me. See the 2 videos below. In short, links are still a vital component that indicate and influence your sites rankings on Google for specific keywords. Even after all the algorithm updates in t... Read more


Still paying for links?

There has been an ongoing discussion in the SEO industry for years if paying for links is effective/strategic/acceptable. Lets battle it out here and see what each opinion says and then find a definitive path through the minefield of inbound links to your website. Using a case study along the way and reviewing different options, it will become clear where the industry is headed, but it doesn’t mea... Read more


Top 10 Google friendly guest blog posting tips

After Matt Cutts angry rant about guest blogging yesterday (January 20th 2014) that sent shock-waves through the industry, the question that all SEO’s, online marketers, inbound marketers and webmasters must ask themselves is ’How do I perform Google friendly guest blog posting?’.   Here are my top 10 tips to ensure your blog posts are “Google friendly”: Only write and publish quality guest p... Read more

Finding a blog to upload a guest post

Your time is precious but finding the right places to guest blog is an invaluable skill. Here are my short suggestions in how to find the best place to guest blog.   Steps for finding a place to guest blog:   1)      First search for a blog that suits your website’s industry. You can search for only ‘blogs’ on the Google advanced search or Do a normal search using industry keywords toget... Read more


How to change a Google Knowledge Graph entry

  How to change a Google Knowledge Graph entry Google knowledge graph results are set in the top right hand corner of the search page which makes them one of the first things the eye sees on a SERP (search engine results page). The clean design with a picture, large spacing, bolded topic headings and a box around the information all help to draw the attention of the eye to this area of the re... Read more

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