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Track Website Results

A lot of your SEO work can go to waste if you don’t track website results clearly and accurately. It is most important to track things like entrance sources to your website, keyword entries (to relate back to your targeted keywords), entrance countries, goal conversions etc. The strongest and most widely tool out there is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool and is easily installed. O... »

Tracking SEO Results

I am a strong believer in results driven work. There is no use in investing time and money into a project without proper tracking to show yourself or clients results and progress. It is extremely important to show clients results (which can only be achieved through tracking) so that they stay with your agency. Tracking results also gives you, the SEO expert feedback on what strategies work so that... »

Why Invest In SEO

This blog was set up to allow me a voice in the online world. I have been working in the SEO industry in English speaking countries for many years and I wanted to create a blog that illuminated many SEO techniques to other SEO enthusiasts in the industry. This blog is targeted to novices all the way through to experts with years of experience in the industry and I aim to have bits of golden inform... »

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