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Is guest blogging good for SEO?

Matt Cutts, who heads the web spam team at Google, has recently made it clear that guest blogging is good for SEO if done in the right way.   In a world where Google’s algorithms ruthlessly penalize sites that have a spamy looking backlink structure, every SEO out there has to be asking themselves: how do I get quality backlinks from authority sites with high PageRank? The old methods of buyi... »

Google plus customized URLs

Google have finally allowed Google+ users to create their own customized URL (aka vanity URL) on their profile. Get one now! There are a few basic requirements as stated by Google: Must have a profile pic Have a minimum of 10 followers Be at least 1  month old Check out my customized URL as an example: This move was well overdue as Facebook have been giving their member... »


Internet trends that will affect your business online

To keep your business’s online marketing efforts one step ahead of the highly dynamic search environment, it always pays to look at current trends and theorize where these trends will take us. By strategically analyzing the way the internet is being shaped we can prepare for these predicated changes ahead of time and maximize any benefit that can be gleaned from these insights. This can also help ... »


Hummingbird new algorithm change by Google

Today Google officially confirmed the news that they had released within the past month of September 2013 a new algorithm to power their search results called Hummingbird. Why is it called ‘Hummingbird’ – Amit Singhal who is a senior VP and software engineer at Google says because it is accurate and fast. Those two buzz words are the focus of all of Google’s recent updates to the algorithm s... »

Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics is an incredible product that is both free and just keeps getting better. Every webmaster should have an account and also learn how to utilize it to its fullest capability. Google have also invested in creating some very humorous viral videos that allow us to understand real world reasons of why we need to use Google Analytics to understand what visitors do on our websites so that... »


New Google Structured Data Markup Helper Tool

The moral of this story When Google wants you to do something, they will request it, blog about it, make video’s about it. But eventually – they will even make a user friendly tool to allow you to do something technical – very simply and hence compel you to do it. Lastly they will change their algorithm to benefit those who do what they say and to punish those who do not adhere.   This is exa... »

Penguin 2.0 Launched Live

As warned previously by Matt Cutts, Google has today launched a new update of their algorithm called Penguin 2.0 internally or Panda 4 by SEO’er in the industry since its the fourth change to the Penguin algorithm. You can read about what Matt Cutts says on his official blog about the roll out of the algorithm change. It seems to have been completed for the whole world today and not just cer... »

Google’s next algorithm update Penguin 2.0

Every year or so, Google does a major algorithm change. Generally speaking they do not warn anyone about this. Google engineers sit and plan the algorithm change with the Google Management Team – most notably Matt Cutts who is the head of search quality. Then they do a lot of testing in the Google sandbox to see how search results are affected by the change and if the algorithm does in-fact ‘penal... »


Does a DMOZ listing help SEO?

There is always a lot of talk about if a DMOZ listing helps your website rank and its SEO value. Google definitely uses the directory DMOZ to help it index new sites that may not already be listed in its results. The question is: Is there any link juice generated? Does a link from DMOZ ensure higher rankings?   One thing is for sure – DMOZ is a strictly guarded directory and Google give... »

Browser Wars – Internet Explorer advertisement

Whats the best way to get a message out to tech geeks, computer freaks, hacks, developers, online junkies and anyone who thinks they know anything about technology?   MAKE A VIRAL VIDEO   And that’s exactly what Internet Explorer (IE) have done. On 29th November 2012 IE released a video which has already (as of today 2nd December 2012) had 1.5 million hits on youtube. It’s ai... »

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