How to become a publisher on LinkedIn

LinkedIn publishing platform

LinkedIn have been offering very interesting and cool blogs published on their very own platform since mid 2012. The rollout of this new publishing/blogging platform on LinkedIn was also really well planned and implemented in my opinion. They got a bunch of influencers such as Richard Branson, Obama, Bill Gates etc (see all the amazing people you can follow on LinkedIn here) in every industry you could possibly conceive to write content (no limits on length) and publish it in their name on LinkedIn.

Well, the big news at the start of February 2013 was that LinkedIn was opening its publishing platform to everyone (not just influencers). So how do you get your awesome content published on LinkedIn? Here are the very short and simple steps:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account
  2. On the LinkedIn homepage click in the area where you would write a status
  3. See an editing icon (small pencil editEdit ) on the right hand side
  4. Click on it and start writing your post for publication

Its that easy.

If you don’t have a small editing icon as stated in point 3 above, no need to despair, and no need to call your mother and cry, or even go on a month long rant about how much you hate the internet. Just lay off the copious amounts of coffee and follow these steps:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account
  2. Click here to apply for early access to the publishing platform
  3. Fill in all the details needed including 2 online examples of your writing styles (ensure they are impressive)
  4. You will get this message: “Thank you for your interest. You will be notified when you are given access to post on the publishing platform.”

Now don’t forget that this opportunity to publish on LinkedIn’s own publishing platform is newly opened to the public as per this techcrunch article hence the full roll out is expected to be slow to ensure stability and maintain quality of posts.

A bit of History

In April 2013 LinkedIn purchased Pulse which is an online newsreader. It cost LinkedIn a cool $90 million as reported and of course, when a company spends this kind of money, it has to be something strategic. Now the plan is becoming clearer with Pulse already integrated into the homepage newsfeed of LinkedIn showing posts published in the LinkedIn publishing platform by influencers. Pulse is expected to help push relevant content, not just by influencers but by the public, to the right people enabling LinkedIn to retain its image of being the best place for professional insights and knowledge. This adds to LinkedIn’s already strong ‘groups’ which have helped it gain this reputation thus far.

Here are some impressive Pulse stats to see why LinkedIn made it such a juicy deal:

Pulse LinkedIn Statistics

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