Are Links Still Important for SEO?


Many people ask me the same old question: Are links still important for SEO?   Well don’t hear the answer from me, hear Matt Cutts, chief web spam fighting engineer and Google employee explain it for me. See the 2 videos below.

In short, links are still a vital component that indicate and influence your sites rankings on Google for specific keywords. Even after all the algorithm updates in the past, and there will be more in the future, links are still central to optimizing a website and pushing it higher on SERPs.   How to get links? Here a few short tips for you to build on to get back links, since its now clear how vital this is to your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

  • Get in contact with anyone who has previously liked, shared or been in contact with you and request a backlink from them
  • Research 3rd party sites or individuals who could possibly be interested in your product/service/website and request links
  • Find influences on social media networks, pitch your product and ask for links
  • Optimize your site to get clients to link, share etc
  • Create onpage content that has a high likely hood of attracting links and shares
  • Make it easy to link and share your pages – UX/Design
  • Leverage any past business or personal connection to gain a link
  • Guest blogging – no its not dead! Its still a great way to get links. Read this for tips of how to guest blog successfully.
  • Finding mentions of you online where there is no link and request one
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