Finding a blog to upload a guest post

Your time is precious but finding the right places to guest blog is an invaluable skill. Here are my short suggestions in how to find the best place to guest blog.


Steps for finding a place to guest blog:


1)      First search for a blog that suits your website’s industry.

  • You can search for only ‘blogs’ on the Google advanced search or
  • Do a normal search using industry keywords together with “guest post,” “submit a guest post,” “accepting guest posts,” or something along those lines.


2)      Then decide if the blog is quality:

    • PageRank, number of outbound links per page, any section selling links is bad, design, quality of other posts etc


  3)      Then finally send a short email to the webmaster (initially without the text just explaining it) or connect via social media and ask the webmaster if they want a post by you   4)      Once accepted, send the webmaster the full article and ensure it is uploaded live and follow hyperlinks are included with the correct anchor text online   You could always use an online list of places to guest blog originally posted by MOZ:










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