Google plus customized URLs

Google have finally allowed Google+ users to create their own customized URL (aka vanity URL) on their profile. Get one now! There are a few basic requirements as stated by Google:

  • Must have a profile pic
  • Have a minimum of 10 followers
  • Be at least 1  month old

Check out my customized URL as an example:

This move was well overdue as Facebook have been giving their members customized URL’s (vanity URL’s) for years e.g

Barry Schawrtz noticed something interesting in the Google Terms of Use that Google ‘may start charging a fee’ which is a great way to make money from companies in my opinion. I’m sure individual users won’t ever have to pay, time will tell if Google choose to activate this charging a fee option.


Also note that your Google URL will work with all TLD’s such as an Australian or Israeli

Google+ Statistics

For all those Facebook addicts, don’t forget I have always said that you will eventually migrate over to Google+ not because you want to, or even because it is a better platform (even though it probably will be in the future). You will migrate and find your new haven at Google+ because Google is making it integral to have and up-to-date Google+ active profile so as to be part of the Google world.

Google+ now have:

  • 1.5 billion pics uploaded to Google+ weekly
  • Over 300 million members
  • 540 million people are active on the Google+ network per month

For those who want to see what all the radical new improvements and features of Google+ are, check out this video of Vic Gundotra who is the SVP at Google.

Note: The presentation starts at 12:30mins

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