Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics – why you need it

Google Analytics is an incredible product that is both free and just keeps getting better. Every webmaster should have an account and also learn how to utilize it to its fullest capability. Google have also invested in creating some very humorous viral videos that allow us to understand real world reasons of why we need to use Google Analytics to understand what visitors do on our websites so that more visitors convert.


The first video here shows a humorous situation of how there can be drop out during the purchase process online. In this clip made in a British supermarket many of the frustrating barriers to purchase that come up regularly during an online purchase are highlighted. Have a watch and a laugh here:

Then there is this golden video about site search and how frustrating it can be if the onsite search is not intuitive. of course this hilarious and frustrating video is pushing the Google Site Search product (which by the way comes at a price):

All in all, thanks for the video’s and great entertainment Google. There is of course a serious moral to each video……use Google products and make your website excel at what it is meant to do.

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