Browser Wars – Internet Explorer advertisement

Whats the best way to get a message out to tech geeks, computer freaks, hacks, developers, online junkies and anyone who thinks they know anything about technology?




And that’s exactly what Internet Explorer (IE) have done. On 29th November 2012 IE released a video which has already (as of today 2nd December 2012) had 1.5 million hits on youtube. It’s aim was to help convert all those ‘influencer’s’ back over to IE. If IE want to change perceptions so as to get more users to return back to using their browser – I can say that at least this is an entertaining way of starting that process. In a world of ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ I respect the marketing angle IE have taken with this video.


At least it is entertaining but my opinion Chrome is much faster and smoother to use. Chrome uses strong caching and it has excellent free add-ons for those who want a bit more grunt under the hood. See my previous article about Chrome here and about browser wars here for full stats on people’s usage of different browsers.



See how the browser wars are playing out and who is on the rise and who is on the decline.


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