Getting maximum clicks and traffic to your blogs

rich-snippets-googleMany of you have blogs or update a news section of a website and want some SEO tips of how to optimize your blog post or article and increase the number of people clicking through to it.


One technique I would like to focus on is an on-page optimization technique using special code on the page to encourage search engines to rank your blog post or article higher on their results page (SERP). This special code is not a secret code but fairly well known to web developers and SEO experts and is called using ‘rich snippets’. Rich snippets encourage search engines to rank your webpage higher because it makes it easier for the crawler to index details about your page in an organized way.


What do I mean by using rich snippets?

Using a certain markup language (in the code of your website) you can have details like date of publishing, author name, picture and video tags and many more tags (also known as ‘rich snippets’) that will show up on the results page of a search engine. Google itself on its webmaster tools blogs says “our algorithms are more likely to decide to show a rich snippet in Google’s search results.” Wow! That’s encouraging and enough of a motivation to utilize rich snippets in itself.


There is another very compelling reason to use rich snippets and the correct markup language in the on-page coding of your website. It also encourages more clicks. And more clicks equals more traffic to your website.


Why is this?

When a searcher sees a page of results – they are more likely to click on a result that has more information about what they are about to see. Here is an example of what a rich snippet result on Google looks like as opposed to a regular result. Notice how the rich snippet result below has a picture of the author, the authors name and the date of the article. Not only does it give the searcher more information to see on the SERP but it also makes this result stand out more hence attracting more clicks than other results that are ranked higher.


Google have also developed a tool allowing webmasters to see if your rich snippets and schema tags are working correctly and how they will look displayed on the Google search results page. Use this link here:


As with any type of markup language, you need to understand what you are doing when placing it in the code of your blog or website, but it will no doubt help your website rise in rank and also get more clicks and hence visitors from search engines. You can read about the Google rich snippets guidelines here.

I also strongly suggest understanding and utilizing schema markup on your website. It is the standard and accepted markup language for all search engine algorithms for indexing.

Even if the code and markup language is too difficult for you to implement make sure your webmaster or web developer is utilizing it – in fact demand it. It will help you optimize your website and get your on page SEO in order and help you rank higher in SERP’s and also gain more visitors to your blog posts and articles.

Paul Vesely has over 12 years experience in the dynamic online marketing environment instigating marketing solutions for a wide range of businesses to suit their goals. Through understanding a company's target market and aims, Paul has managed to launch a wide variety of online marketing campaigns to increase sales, generate leads, and increase bottom line profit. Paul Vesely's expertise lie in inbound marketing and focus on utilizing search engine optimization, PPC, PR, Social Media and online campaigns to accomplish the client's business goals through online means. The author's views expressed in this blog are his own and do not represent anyone or any other organization's views even if the author is associated with those organizations.