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Google recently introduced a tool allowing webmasters to essentially delete from their records or disavow inlinks to your website. In an ever increasingly competitive online world where websites viciously fight for top positions on Google (the major search engine used in the US and in many other countries), why would this tool be such a relief that it is finally offered? And how can this new tool help your website increase visitor traffic and help you sell more via your website?


A quick catch up for those unfamiliar with the Google algorithm that determines what rank (position) your website will be on its search engine results page (SERP):

Google has made many recent updates to its algorithm to include many onpage factors in deciding upon the ranl of your website for a certain search phrase, but a major factor that still affects your website rank on Google’s results page is the amount of inlinks your website has (the number of other websites having a link pointing to your website).


Now that we are all on the same page, let’s delve into this new tool that allows you as a webmaster to disavow and essentially delete inlinks from the Google algorithm counting them. Let’s also see how this tool can help your website improve in rank on Google and gain more traffic and hence hopefully more sales and conversions via your website.


There are many reasons why your website would have what is referred to as ‘link spam’.

  1. Maybe you had a poor SEO person doing inlinking for you in a way that has now penalized your website because the links were seen as spam by the ever evolving Google algorithm. This could mean the links were all coming from one or a few websites or they all had the same anchor text or they were from totally unrelated websites or Google did a manual blacklisting of the links because they were found to be ‘purchased’ which is against Google’s TOS.
  2. Maybe your competitor created links on blacklisted sites or link spammed intentionally to drop your website rank so they will rise on the SERP. The Google algorithm thought that it was you or your site doing this poor linking and hence your site was either blacklisted or penalized in rank in the SERP by the Google algorithm.


Either way this new Google tool allows you to disavow links. Of course you should first try to contact the websmaster of the site that has the problematic links that you have identified and ask them to take them down. If they don’t remove the links then you can simply click on this link: and log into your Google Webmaster Tools account. Make sure you have the correct website selected and then upload the text file (one url per line) of all the URL’s of the links you want to disavow and delete from the Google algorithm that point to your website. It’s as simple as that.


Of course Google does not say how long it takes to process the request to disavow these inlinks or even if it will disavow all the links you listed – but it is finally an outlet to get the links disavowed if the respective webmasters of the other sites wont take them down.

For those unaware of how to find what sites link to you – the best and cheapest (its free) place is actually to look on Google Webmaster Tools. Simply scour over all the links listed – try to contact the respective webmasters to take off any links you think could be flagged as spam by the Google algorithm and if they wont take the links down – use this tool.


How will this help your website?

Firstly I wholeheartedly implore you not to abuse this tool (there is only one file allowed to be uploaded per website). Ensure you do not disavow good links because that will drop the rank of your websites on SERPs and have the opposite effect you want. The idea is to utilize this tool to ensure your competitors are not link spamming you and you have control over rouge inlinks that may have been created in the past and you don’t want related to your website anymore. To utilize this tool to its fullest to increase your rank on Google’s SERP I suggest you continue your on page SEO such as creating great content that is link bait. Continue your ‘white hat’ SEO techniques to gain more inlinks and your website will rise healthily through the SERPs to higher and higher positions for your targeted keywords. With proper researched keywords that you are optimizing your website for – the targeted traffic will flow more and more into your website allowing you to sell more and convert more visitors to your site.

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