Google Drive cloud storage in business

google-drive-cloud-businessWith the much promoted arrival of Google Drive – which is Google’s attempt to enter the cloud computing/information storage and sharing market, many will be asking how does Google Drive’s cloud storage system allow me to better my business practices and make more money?


Google Drive allows you, your employees, your clients and your business to utilize its cloud storage product to enhance the way you all interact, share and save documents, access documents and change documents.


What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage allow users to upload files though the internet into folders that are not stored on a local computer but are stored and accessible via the internet. These files can be photo’s, word or excel documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos or just about any type of electronic file. The files can be accessed and shared via just about any device with access to the internet such as a tablet, smart phone or regular computer. Of course the files that are uploaded into your folders are all only accessible after typing in passwords and being ‘invited’ to view specific folders (for security reasons) meaning your files in the cloud are meant to be secure. And don’t worry if it is a bright sunny day – cloud storage works even when there are no clouds in the sky- ha ha ha. A few current cloud storage products that already exist and that you might have heard of or be using are: Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive and the Apple iCloud to name a few of the biggest ones.


How does Google Drive differ?

Full disclosure: I am a big fan of Google products. In general they are well integrated and very user friendly and I have found Drive to be an exceptional product. Of course when a Google product like Google+ is flopping– I am not scared to say it.


Google Drive differs from its competitors because firstly it offers all users a massive 5GB of free storage straight away. Just to give you an example of a close competitor – Dropbox offers all users 2MB free storage and then a bit of extra free storage for each friend you sign up. The prices of the larger storage packages of Google Drive also greatly out-price competitors in terms of value for money….or value for storage space as we say.


Another great feature is that Google Drive keeps track (up to 30 days) of all changes to a document so you can go back to past versions if need be (and we’ve all be there). It has a paid option for saving all version forever (well at least until a massive meteor smashes into the earth and kills all living things).


Lastly, but just as important, it is already well integrated into Google products like Google Docs and Google+ where there is easy upload of documents and pictures from these Google products to Drive. And in the future Google has announced it will further integrate Google Drive into Gmail allowing easy referencing of documents that are located in Google Drive in your Gmail emails instead of attaching heavy documents that need to have versions written to keep track.


All in all Google Drive seems like a great product and very useful for your business. It allows your employees/clients to share documents and work on the same one document and simply saves each version. It gets rid of thousands of kilobytes of wasted storage on your tablet, PC or smart phone that makes it operate slowly because you can now simply store it all in a secure folder in Google Drive for free or with one of their cheap monthly paid packages. And you can work smarter and better with Google Drive especially when  it is integrated into Gmail for your emails.

Have a look at this cool short promo video explaining Google Drive is:

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