How to SEO your business using Google+

Like it or not Google+ is here to stay. The latest visitor numbers released by Google and facebook show that Google+ gets 21% of the monthly unique visitors compared to facebook. So why should you bother spending your employee’s time cultivating an SEO friendly Google+ company page or creating circles and posts if the eyes of your current and potential customers/clients are still on facebook?











The reason is because of a very recent algorithm change (minor update) in Google seems to be serving results of well optimized and SEO’d Google+ company pages as high as position 3 in the search engine results page (SERP) for certain keywords. This means that if someone has correctly optimized and continually updates their Google+ company page, and friends of a searcher have added your company page to their circles, then you have a very high chance of coming up on the first page of google’s SERP.

How do you create an optimized SEO Google+ company page?

Firstly you must have a Google+ personal profile. Then create a Google+ page.

Steps for an SEO friendly Google plus page:

  1. Ensure the name of your company is optimized including the industry you are in.
  2. Include in your company description as many keywords as possible.
  3. Ensure you continually update your company page with posts etc daily.
  4. Have a Google+ page button (reddish color) on your website so people can easily add your page to their circles.

One cool feature that differentiates Google+ from facebook pages is that the 5 top images on your company’s home page can be animated gifs (meaning they can move and don’t need to be static). See red bull’s Google plus page for how cool this looks.



Like it or not, Google+ is becoming more and more necessary for your company to be on. Google are utilizing all their resources to help promote this social network so that it doesn’t fail like Orkut or Buzz. This also means to beat your competitors you need to make sure that you have the correct SEO balance on your Google+ page and you have used as many search engine optimization techniques to ensure your page ranks highly in the SERPs.

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