Video SEO – First Page Video Rankings

Video SEOHow do you optimize your video content so it reaches the first page of search engines?


There are many SEO tricks that are white hat to get your webpage and video on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs).



  1. Have keyword optimized meta title tags and other meta tags for the page
  2. Have the video transcribed so the words are on the page below the video
  3. Submit a video sitemap to Google
  4. Upload your video to YouTube – remember YouTube results show up highly in SERPs


Why have a Video on your website?

Videos are great to appeal to a more visual visitor and can help you convert a visitor to your website more easily. There are many amazingly creative video companies that produce videos for companies in an entertaining and yet sales oriented way. Take for example my favorite but also the most expensive and premium called Epipheo. You can play their video here and watch their style of selling an idea (in this case their video) using simply and engaging techniques. Think, could your website use a video such as an Epipheo? You can also YouTube Epipheo on YouTube to see how nearly all major brands have used this video technique to communicate a message to their target market.



Another great SEO bonus of videos is that they cause a user stay on your page for longer. Now that Google has updated their Panda algorithm which focuses on such on-page optimization factors such as amount of time users spend on a page, this is an important factor. Of course an engaging video will increase the time spent on the webpage, allowing Google to rank the page higher in its SERP because it indicates more visitor engagement. Another important point is that search engine algorithms (not just Google) including Yahoo and Bing plus others all take into account if there is ‘rich media’, such as a video, on your webpage. All search engines rank pages higher that have ‘rich media’ embedded since it is seen as a value added item on the page that creates more interaction with the visitor and the webpage.


Another major bonus for those interested in the SEO value of an on-page video is that when the video text is transcribed it creates a long tail keyword filled page of text that makes it easy for search engines to index for a variety of keywords. There are a variety of companies that perform video transcription. Don’t forget the simple fact that search engines don’t know what is said inside your video unless it is written out on the page.


My final suggestion is to ensure you don’t use a flash player on your website for your videos. JW Player is a cost effective solution and is widely used for more professional sites. Alternatively pasting in embedded code from your YouTube video is perfectly acceptable and has the same results in helping SEO your page for search engines. In fact, you should always upload your videos on YouTube anyway so as to get maximum exposure and even possibly have your video displayed in Google SERPs in its YouTube form and not only having people reach your video via your webpage.


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