How to utilize Facebook for your business

Every business has accepted that they need some kind of social media strategy on the internet but the question is how should you utilize facebook for your business and what are the benefits of this time investment?


Facebook’s main differentiating factor as opposed to the next largest and up and coming social network: Google+ (now that they launched “Video Calling”) is that it has a way for businesses to have a social media presence. You can use facebook pages to promote your business (yes, they are able to be found organically on search engines whereas groups and profiles can not). They also allow you to get a greater understanding of your audience and target market due to facebook insights – which is a really incredible tool that will be discussed below. This main point of differentiation from Google+ has not been lost on facebook and they have recently started promoting this difference using explanation pages and videos.

Where to start for your business

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1. Set up a facebook fan page (you must have a facebook profile to do this)
2. Get over 25 likes so that you can have your business name as the subdirectory ie:
3. Decide on a voice for your posts (don’t be too formal – you are in a social setting)
4. Ensure you update the status of your page at least once a week with interesting posts that engages the user and makes them want to comment.
5. Always respond to people interacting to you on your wall
6. Get fun and related pictures, build a social brand for yourself
7. Interlink your website strategy with your social strategy by offering discounts/promotions for fans, special events or information just for fans etc – exclusivity for your fans


This will enable your fan page to snowball with new fans, as people see their friends interacting with your page and that coming up on their wall. This can also help you build a branding image and also find new prospective clients. But what about on your website?


On your website

Ensure you have a facebook ‘like’ or ‘recommend’ button on your website and you also add your website to Facebook Insights. This is done by adding a small amount of code to your website so as to allow Facebook to track the analytics of your webpages.


The amazing analytics information you get
It is incredible what information facebook give you about your sites when you have added your actual domain to facebook insights. You have 3 main sections that you get information for:
Like-button-insights1. Like button – when people click the ‘like’ or ‘recommend’ button on your website
2. Send button – when people share things from your website through facebook with others
3. Organic shares – people sharing by simply copying and pasting the link of your website domain

The information you get is phenomenal. You can find out demographics about the people doing these 3 actions because Facebook has this data. The demographic information you get is a breakdown of the people’s age groups, gender, language and country. You also find out the number of impressions to clicks for these 3 actions listed above (CTR).


This methodical and time proven step by step blog should help you both know how to utilize facebook for your business and also why it is definitely worth your time to get such details as facebook insights. The world is going social, this does not mean that traditional onpage and offpage SEO is dead, but it does mean that SEO needs to morph its offpage optimization efforts into the social side of things as well as traditional link building exercises. Facebook is just one avenue of presenting your business online in social media but of course there are many other ways such as twitter, linked in, myspace, Google+ and many more.

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