Google+ New Social Network Launch

Google has announced that it is coming out with its social network called “Google+” starting in July 2011. The social network will only be available to a very few select Google users, but just as Gmail was rolled out by invite only at the beginning (making it feel exclusive), so too will Google+. For those who instantly want a Google+ account you can request one here: sign up for Google+


As can be seen this is the latest bullet fired (more like a missile) in the Google v’s Facebook internet wars over total internet domination (insert Dr Evil laugh here). I do think that starting a social network is very hard due to the barriers to entry such as:


  1. People already using Facebook platform
  2. Friends and family need to be part of the new network
  3. What is the added value of the new network?


That being said, Google have tried to differentiate Google+ by adding one distinctive feature that Facebook currently lacks: Video Chat. Currently Skype charges for group video chat and even so, as with all of Skype’s phone related products, it has many bugs causing the system to be temperamental and give unsatisfactory video conferencing at best. Google has managed to make it a fun experience. Added to this, Google+ features are:


  • Huddle – which is in basic form simply group instant messaging
  • Circles – which that allows individuals to place friends into circles (groups). That allows users to share different forms of content with targeted clusters of friends
  • Sparks – is a feature that this meant to connect Google+ users on the network to others with common interests.
  • Hangouts – As described above is the live multi-user video conferencing that permits friends to drop in and out of live group conversations. The loudest person talking holds center stage in the biggest video box.


Lets not forget that Google has tried (unsuccessfully) to jump into the social networking pool before. Google tried a test rollout of “Wave” and then “Buzz” all which failed due to numerous reasons.


What is the SEO effect of Google+?

It is important to keep up-to-date with the dynamic web environment and make sure your website is tailored to where your customers are now and also to where they are shifting. If Google can make a success launching this social network it will mean eyeballs will be there. This opens up the market to demographic and user centered PPC (pay per click) advertising as Facebook has. It also means your business should have a presence on this social network since this is where many people are going to be spending a lot of their time in terms of both leisure and business which are all rolling into one in our modern technology filled world.

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