Google AdWords also getting +1 Button

google-adwords-plus-1-buttonGoogle have continued there roll out of the +1 button. It will now be available to +1 Google ads as seen in the picture here. This roll out will occur in the coming weeks starting at the very beginning of July 2011. Now Google users can click to recommend which ads on Google they found helpful. For all those who understand PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) you will know that the +1 Google button will no doubt affect your ad’s quality score. The quality score is multiplied by the bid amount an ad has so that Google can decide in what position your ad should show up on its results. Of course people traditionally thought that it was simply highest bid per click that won first ad slot, second highest bid per click won the second ad slot and so on but this is not the case. Google’s quality score correlates a lot of data and takes into account many factors such as CTR (click through rates) – related to how many impressions to how many clicks there were on your ads, page bounce rate, keywords on the landing page that the ad directs to etc to determine the quality score. For more information on how Google calculate the quality score please click here – Google AdWords Quality Score


For all those AdWord account holders and advertisers, please note that you don’t need to make any changes to your AdWords account in order to take advantage of this new +1 button feature. Google says that “The final landing page URL of your ads can also appear on the Google profile of any user who +1’s your ad.”


So how does the +1 button work for Google AdWords?
Take for example you own a shoe business in New York City. Tracy had a great experience buying her bright red stilettoes from your store and just loves showing them off to all her girlfriends. When Tracy starts searching on Google (whilst signed in) for her next pair of stilettoes (no doubt she needs a red and a black pair), and she sees your ad. She clicks the +1 button on the ad to recommend it to her contacts since last time she bought through your shoe store she had a good buying experience.


When Tracy’s friend Suzy looks to ‘invest’ in a beautiful pair of stilettoes herself, she signs in to her Google account, searches, and also sees your ad – plus the personalized annotation that Tracy +1’d it. Knowing that Tracy who lives at the height of fashion and has impeccable taste in shoes, recommends your shoe shop, it helps Suzy decide where to buy her shoes from as well.


Google says to “Think of the +1 button as a way for fans of your business to recommend what you offer, for all their friends and contacts to see. By helping searchers see more personal, relevant ads, we believe you’ll see more qualified traffic.” I find it funny Google use the words “fans” which is the exact term facebook use for “fans” of company facebook pages. This aligns the +1 button even closer with the “like” button that is so successful by facebook. Click here to understand more about the SEO Effects of the Google +1 button


I strongly suggest also adding the +1 button to your actual website so that people can ‘plus one’ on your pages themselves.


How will this affect your Google organic and paid search rankings? Google has not let that secret out of the bag but it no doubt effects click throughs to your website from the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) in two ways:
1. You have a “recommendation” so to speak from a contact of the searcher which re-enforces the idea that the web is being more personalized and will affect other friends to click on your website result.
2. The ‘plus one’ button attracts attention to your website on the SERP because it differentiates your listing with color and makes it more appealing to click on.


Feel free to +1 this article right now so your friends can enjoy it too!

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