Google Instant Page Gives Even Faster Results

All I can say is WOW! Yes readers, Google have done it again and made a groundbreaking and innovative change to the way we search. They have created “instant pages” which means once you have searched and the list of 10 results shows up on the search page using Google’s browser Chrome, there is 0 seconds load time for the website when you click on the result. That’s right – “Instant Pages” means that the web page of the result you chose loads instantly as opposed to 3 seconds, 6 seconds even 10 seconds later.


Now that your socks have been blown off, please find them and read on to find out where this development came from. I am (as can be seen) a massive Google fan because I believe the search results that the Google search engine delivers are better than other competitors like Yahoo or Bing. In fact due to a recent deal between Yahoo and Bing, the Bing search engine algorithm is what Yahoo uses to produce its search results. Even so, these two major competitors do not have anywhere near as many users as Google. This month it has been reported by comScore that Google has lost 1% of its search traffic to control 66% (the lion’s share) of the current search market, while Microsoft’s Bing rose to 14% and Yahoo held onto its 15.9% market share of searches.


I don’t believe this has Google as worried as the total time internet users are spent on Facebook which overtook Google into the #1 spot quite a few months ago. But still, Google strategy seems to be that they are a search engine and that’s what they want to do best. The vast majority of Google’s revenue comes from its search engine advertising ‘AdWords’. Google revealed that it handles 230 billion searches per day, and now with this new technology, I can see its market share and users only increasing in the future.


What are the main features search engine users are looking for? Fast results and fast load times Google believes. This is what Google has delivered in this latest development.


Note that at the moment this system is being rolled and will surely take a few months to work on every result and all over the world. Secondly, ‘Instant Pages’ only works on the Chrome browser at the moment and it is up to other browsers like FireFox and Explorer to make this function available to its users.


Have a look at this Google promotional video to see exactly what ‘Instant Pages’ looks like compared to the old slower search.


Google Instant Pages Promotional Video:


Lastly, how does this affect your SEO strategy webmasters inquire? It simply means, play the SEO game by the rules that Google’s algorithm sets such as high levels of inlinks, non spammy relevant and new content, and a site that loads fast with no html errors and you will come out on top of competitors in terms of traffic to your website.


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