Launch of Google +1 Button

SEO Google +1 buttonIt is an exciting day today for webmasters and SEO experts all over the world…….. Google have launched their “+1 button” today!


The +1 button is Google’s way of making a social community of recommended pages for your contacts and friends when either searching on Google’s SERP or when on a page. By clicking on the ‘plus one button’ when on a page, it will then affect the placement of that page for other people who are your contacts on gmail. This higher organic position to the pages that contacts have plus one’d obviously gives prominence to certain web pages your contacts and friends see as more useful and important than other pages.


A lot of people in the SEO industry are saying that this moves shows how Google is trying to copy the ‘like’ and ‘recommend’ button that is so popular with Facebook users. Quite simply, I agree. At the end of 2010 Facebook overtook Google as the #1 destination for internet users. This battle is not over yet. Google started to wade into the online social networking world quite unsuccessfully with Google buzz (which is still a separate button to ‘buzz’ something to your contacts as opposed to +1 something). This +1 button will now affect organic positioning of results in Google and also affect the way the eye of a searcher is drawn to click on a result which will be more prominent with this new button.


Please see my previous article to understand the SEO significance of the +1 button in more detail.


Lets see how quickly this +1 button concept takes to catch on over news sites, blogs and e-commerce websites. I can however tell you there will be definite competitive advantage for those who place the +1 button on their websites before their competition.


Since today June 2nd 2011 is the first day that Google have officially opened up this opportunity I strongly suggest that web developers and Search Engine Optimization experts all jump to place this simple code on various important landing pages of their websites.


The code is very simple. Place this code either within the header tag or just before the close of the body tag in your template: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””> . Next place this code wherever you want the plus one button to appear: <g:plusone></g:plusone> .


Of course Google have allowed this button to be generated in different languages and different sizes. For these options see the Google +1 button page on webmaster tools.


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