Internal Links are Good for Google

Internal linking is a type of onpage optimization that Google does take into account. While the largest number of searches in the US is done using Google (see this article: track inlinks using Google) as the search engine, there are still many searches performed on Yahoo and Bing (plus ask etc to a much lesser extent). The reason I will focus this blog entry on internal links that the Google algorithm picks up on is because of both the massive search volume done using Google, plus the ease at which website administrators can manipulate onpage optimization and meta tags to ‘trick’ the Yahoo and Bing algorithm (incidentally giving these search engines a worse result and worse user experience) and in contrast how traditionally hard it is to manipulate the Google algorithm using onpage search engine optimization techniques.

An internal link performs two valuable functions that helps optimize your website around a keyword.

1)      It should be an anchored text hyperlink (eg click here to read my search engine optimization blog , instead of click here to read my search engine optimization blog) which makes those words that are hyperlinked ‘more important’ on the page to the reader and hence Google.

2)      The hyperlink will direct more traffic to one page and also show the search engine which pages are the most important in your site.

Due to these two reasons it is highly recommended to use this easy and effective onpage search engine optimization technique so as to increase traffic to certain important pages in your site and also for those pages to rank higher organically and get more organic direct traffic of their own for your selected keywords.

One recommendation is not to go to extremes with internal linking. That means ensure pages are not made up dominantly of links (especially check this for your homepage) and it also means don’t be too frugal with internal links. I suggest around 2-3 on pages is perfectly acceptable and not spammy.

For those of you who have been ‘switched on’ you will notice 3 internal links from the body of this blog. I see it important to practice what I preach J

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