Meta Title Tags

I can not suggest strongly enough that the majority of your time optimizing a page is spent deciding and testing different meta title tags. Meta title tags are found in different places in different browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome display them in different places), but in search engines themselves they are extremely important.

A meta title tag can be the difference between a first position and a 50th position and it can also be the difference of someone clicking and entering your website and not clicking. This is the first very important lesson:

“Meta title tags are just as important to be written and adapted for search engines as they are for humans to read and click”

This means your meta title tags should catch the eye of a surfer and mention the main product/service that you are focusing on the page plus include the main keyword focus of the page (and at the start of the meta title!).

Here is a list of my golden suggestions for your meta title tags:

  1. Make it 68 characters or less
  2. Include the keyword at the start (due to search engine algorithms knowing it is the most important word at the start, plus due to eye tracking results showing on the first 2 words are generally read)
  3. Make it appealing to click on for human traffic
  4. Do not repeat keyword more than twice (if more it can be seen as spamming)
  5. Make absolutely sure each title tag is unique for your website (see Google Webmaster Tools to check for your site)
  6. Use appealing words like “cheap” or “quality” or “fast” etc
  7. Use separators like a comma or a line between words to help separate and save space

I consider meta title tags on page optimization and I must stress that it is the most powerful tool to help you rank highly for a certain keyword if optimized properly. I only believe that a domain (url) with the keyword is the only stronger thing than a meta title tag. This means that meta title tags are more powerful and influential in search engine optimization than H1’s and all your body content. That powerful stuff, and shows how much time its worth investing in your meta title tag!

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