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A lot of your SEO work can go to waste if you don’t track website results clearly and accurately. It is most important to track things like entrance sources to your website, keyword entries (to relate back to your targeted keywords), entrance countries, goal conversions etc.

The strongest and most widely tool out there is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool and is easily installed.

Of course I suggest splitting accounts between your different websites so that “Google Eye” (which is the name that seo industry gurus’ use for Google’s all knowing algorithm and information database about you and your myriad of websites) is not compromised. I also suggest using hotspot shield or the firefox add-on called premium proxy switcher when logging into any Google account to hide your IP address so Google cant track what websites you administrate through your office or home IP address. This may seem extreme but if Google think you are building a link weave (aka link wheel) and if Google piece all the pieces together, then all your offsite linking between your own websites, microsites, blogs etc could fall instantaneously together and it could be seen as spamming by Google. It is vital that when building a link weave between your cluster of websites, blogs, microsites and affiliate sites, you do so in a non-circularly and very discretely (that is why I like to use the word ‘like weave’ and not ‘link wheel’).

Back to Google Analytics – I am a strong believer in utilizing the tool to its max and setting up weekly automated email reports on areas of interest to the client to show progress between weeks (also as a siren if things turn bad – its better to know before the quarterly profit and loss statement comes out so you can actually do something about it).

I suggest setting up goal conversion tracking to gain statistics on what sources gain the most conversions (if its signing up to a newsletter, registering online, purchasing online etc).

Lastly I don’t just suggest but implore you to react to what you see – this is the aim of performing tracking website results. Any analytics program is only as good as its reader. You must interpret the results and both learn from your seo test when you play with things like meta tags or onpage text or offpage anchored text hyperlinks. Do these tests and see the results. If positive, implement.

Don’t just see, don’t just look, react, and do! This will bring you better organic results and better company results which is of course the main aim of the game.

Happy playing people!

For more info:

Sign up for Google Analytics with your gmail account.

More info on Google Analytics

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  • Jen Galama

    Very true. Tracking your results is so very important. I have found time and time again that Google Analytics delivers actionable insights that drive and inform the overall digital strategy, of which SEO, of course, is an important component.

    So yes, excellent advise. Use Google Analytics as much as you can.

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