Why Invest In SEO

This blog was set up to allow me a voice in the online world. I have been working in the SEO industry in English speaking countries for many years and I wanted to create a blog that illuminated many SEO techniques to other SEO enthusiasts in the industry.

This blog is targeted to novices all the way through to experts with years of experience in the industry and I aim to have bits of golden information for the whole spectrum of SEO readers.

So then why invest time, money and other resources in SEO?

It maybe little known but statistics show that 80% of the time someone turns on the computer they use a search engine. This is what creates the power of search engine optimization. The massive number of users not knowing the url or the exact product or service they need and hence they “surf” or search using one of many search engines.

In the US over 70% of searches are done using Google. That statistic shows the dominance of Google users (who are known to be very loyal). Another 10% use Yahoo Search and another 7% use Bing (used to be Microsoft’s msn in the good old days). Bing usage is on the rise after they fixed their algorithm and some aesthetics and Yahoo is on the decrease.

The reason I bring up these statistics is because I wish to highlight the importance of investing in good ‘white hat’ SEO techniques since the search volume is out there. Plus I believe in investing time in making Google happy and understanding the Google search algorithm and what is important for it.

My future blogs will be focussed on just how to get to the first page organically for your keywords and what tools will help you get there.

Paul Vesely has over 12 years experience in the dynamic online marketing environment instigating marketing solutions for a wide range of businesses to suit their goals. Through understanding a company's target market and aims, Paul has managed to launch a wide variety of online marketing campaigns to increase sales, generate leads, and increase bottom line profit. Paul Vesely's expertise lie in inbound marketing and focus on utilizing search engine optimization, PPC, PR, Social Media and online campaigns to accomplish the client's business goals through online means. The author's views expressed in this blog are his own and do not represent anyone or any other organization's views even if the author is associated with those organizations.
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