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    All the SEO info you need at your fingertips
Delete Google autocomplete negative results

Delete Google autocomplete negative results

Google have had the autocomplete function working officially since 2008 but only in the past year has it gained traction and been released for the wider audience to use. There are many businesses and individuals that are affected by negative autocomplete results that wrongly associate their personal name or business name with negative connotations ...Read more


Deep analysis of Panda 4.0 and how not to get penalized

On the 19th May 2014 Matt Cutts officially confirmed what everyone in the online marketing industry was talking about – that Google had released a major algorithm change. Using forum chatter as a barometer, it was clear that this was a big change due...Read more


Are Links Still Important for SEO?

Many people ask me the same old question: Are links still important for SEO?   Well don’t hear the answer from me, hear Matt Cutts, chief web spam fighting engineer and Google employee explain it for me. See the 2 videos below. In short, links ...Read more

Is guest blogging good for SEO?

Matt Cutts, who heads the web spam team at Google, has recently made it clear that guest blogging is good for SEO if done in the right way.   In a world where Google’s algorithms ruthlessly penalize sites that have a spamy looking backlink struc...Read more

LinkedIn publishing platform

How to become a publisher on LinkedIn

LinkedIn have been offering very interesting and cool blogs published on their very own platform since mid 2012. The rollout of this new publishing/blogging platform on LinkedIn was also really well planned and implemented in my opinion. They got a b...Read more


Optimizing URLs and Domains

Short domain names are better than longer ones if the website is intended for people typing in the website address. For example a company called ‘Acme Industrial Textiles and Chemicals’ should not have a url www.acme-industrial-textiles-and-chemicals...Read more